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Washington State vs. Arizona State October 28: Preview and Predictions

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As college football fans eagerly anticipate another gripping game, our sights turn to the Washington State Cougars and the Arizona State Sun Devils. Their upcoming clash on October 28 promises intense action on the gridiron. This article delves into the recent performances, records, and statistics of both teams, presenting a comprehensive preview of what’s to come.

Washington State’s Performance Against Oregon

Despite showing promise early on, Washington State (4-3, 1-3 in the Pac-12) is coming off a 38-24 road loss against Oregon last Saturday and finds itself grappling with a three-game losing streak. Earlier in the season, the Cougars enjoyed a commendable No. 13 spot in the AP Top 25. However, the subsequent losses to UCLA (25-17) in Pasadena and against Arizona (44-6) in Pullman are concerning.

Spotlight on Cameron Ward and Lincoln Victor

The Cougars have standout performers in Cameron Ward and Lincoln Victor. Ward came into Saturday’s game averaging 296.5 yards per game (ranked 12th in the nation), and he threw for an impressive 438 yards and one touchdown against Oregon. Unfortunately, he also faced the brunt of the opposition’s defense, getting sacked six times.

On the other hand, Lincoln Victor was a revelation, catching 16 passes for 161 yards. While he was limited in the game against Arizona due to a high ankle sprain, his performance against Oregon has fans hopeful for his recovery.

Additional Insights From the Oregon Game

The Cougars welcomed back tight end Cooper Mathers against the Ducks. He had been sidelined for two games because of a hamstring injury. However, despite the individual talents, the team’s collective performance left something to be desired, managing only 28 rushing yards in the first half and 57 for the entire.

Bo Nix certainly made his mark for Oregon, completing 18 of 25 passes for an impressive 293 yards and two touchdowns.

Bucky Irving showcased his versatility against Washington State, as he ran for 129 yards on 15 carries with two touchdowns. He also caught three passes for 51 yards and one touchdown.

Arizona State’s Encounter With Washington

The Sun Devils’ recent form raises eyebrows. After a triumphant start to the season with a win over FCS Southern Utah, the team has hit a roadblock, enduring a six-game losing streak after Saturday’s 15-7 road setback against Washington. This tied their previous longest losing streak set in 2009, putting their potential performance against Washington State under scrutiny.

Arizona State (1-6, 0-4 in the Pac-12) Trenton Bourguet completed 26 of 47 passes for 196 yards with no touchdowns and one costly interception in the fourth quarter that Mishael Powell returned for an 89-yard touchdown.

Fans hope Bourguet bounces back against Washington State. The running game stepped up on Saturday, led by DeCarlos Brooks and Cameron Skattebo. Brooks ran for 63 yards on 10 carries while Skattebo finished with 51 rushing yards on 11 carries with one touchdown. Bourguet also contributed on the ground with 22 rushing yards on five carries.

As both Washington State and Arizona State gear up for their October 28 encounter, fans from both sides are filled with anticipation. With key players on both teams looking to make a mark, this promises to be a game that shouldn’t be missed.

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Keys to the Game for Washington State

As the Cougars set their sights on a victory against the Sun Devils, there are clear strategies they must employ. Winning on the road demands a combination of resilience, strategy, and leveraging key players. Let’s delve into the essentials for Washington State to come out on top.

Protect Cameron Ward

Ward’s performance, despite facing immense pressure from Oregon’s defense, highlighted his skills and resilience. However, to ensure he performs optimally, the offensive line needs to step up and protect him, especially considering he was sacked six times in the last game.

Utilize Lincoln Victor

Victor has proven himself to be a revelation for the Cougars. His recent performance against Oregon speaks volumes about his potential. Getting him more involved and ensuring he’s fit post his ankle injury will be pivotal.

Improve the Running Game

With just 28 rushing yards in the first half and 57 overall against Oregon, there’s a dire need to bolster the ground game. A more balanced attack can keep Arizona State’s defense guessing.

Tighten Up the Defense

Bo Nix’s and Bucky Irving’s numbers against the Cougars indicate a need for a more solid defensive effort. Limiting big plays and forcing turnovers can turn the tide in favor of Washington State.

Play the Special Teams Battle

Field position can often be a game-changer. By ensuring excellence in punting, kickoff returns, and field goal attempts, Washington State can keep the pressure on Arizona State throughout the game.
Keys to the Game for Arizona State

For the Sun Devils, overturning their current form to notch a win against the Cougars is more than just a morale booster; it’s about showcasing their potential. To ensure they rise to the occasion and dictate the flow of the game, Arizona State must focus on several crucial aspects. Here’s a breakdown of what they need to prioritize.

Revitalize Bourguet’s Confidence

After a challenging game against Washington, it’s vital for the Sun Devils to boost Trenton Bourguet’s confidence. Play-calling that eases him into the game with short, high-percentage throws can help.

Capitalize on the Running Game

The recent game showcased potential stars in Brooks and Skattebo. By establishing a run game early on, Arizona State can open up the play-action passing game, creating opportunities for big plays downfield.

Pressure on Washington State’s QB

Given that Ward was sacked six times by Oregon, Arizona State’s defense should be licking their lips. A strong pass rush can disrupt Washington State’s rhythm and force turnovers.

Limit Big Plays From the Washington State Playmakers

With players like Lincoln Victor in the opposition, it’s crucial to limit big plays. Double coverages, safety help over the top, and quick linebackers can restrict big gains.

Play Disciplined Football

Avoiding unnecessary penalties, turnovers, and mental errors can be the difference between a win and a loss. A disciplined approach ensures that the team doesn’t give away easy opportunities to Washington State.

In the end, while stats and strategies play a significant role, the game’s unpredictable nature is what makes it so exhilarating. Both teams have their strengths and areas of concern, and it will be a tactical battle between the coaching staff of both sides. It’s all set to be a college football showdown to remember.

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