Business school hosts fair

The college of business ushers in a new year of networking and job preparation with their annual Student Welcome and Involvement Fair Wednesday.

Faculty and staff at the Carson Center for Student Success at the college will host the event in an effort to connect students.

Shila Ruiz, office and program manager for the Carson Center, is proud of the opportunities and events the college of business offers throughout the year for students, including the student involvement fair.

“I think it’s a really important event because it’s going to introduce new and prospective business students to ways they can get involved,” Ruiz said.

There are 13 clubs established in the college of business that represent different majors within the college.

David Knuff, director of the MBA program at WSU, said since there are so many opportunities to get involved now, there is no excuse for students not to.

“Coming from someone who has hired students in the past, from someone who now admits people into a master’s program, I think it’s imperative that students differentiate themselves from those who just go to class and go home,” he said.

Knuff said being a leader of clubs and organizations is the most important part.

“Any organization in which you can obtain a leadership role is important to demonstrate your ability to serve in the capacity, to take charge, to be a leader,” he said.

The Carson Center will hold a series of job and involvement fair events this fall, including résumé and cover letter workshops, career networking nights and peer advising.

“To not capitalize on those services that are offered to students of the college of business would not be very intelligent,” Knuff said. “I cannot fathom why a student would not utilize those spaces.”

Lisa Hunter, assistant director of advising for the Carson Center, said it is vital for freshmen and sophomores to attend these events.

“What they need to do is get the skills from the classroom and understand how to curve those into the skills that are needed in the jobs setting,” Hunter said.

Those skills begin by attending events like the involvement fair, she said.

Kim Mueller, assistant director of professional development at the Carson Center, agreed that being involved and networking is an integral part of students’ college careers.

“I think the business clubs provide an avenue to go out into industry, see what’s going on, connect with CEO’s and CFO’s, and make connections,” she said.

Some clubs featured at the involvement fair go to different businesses from time to time and conduct interviews and networking events.

“Most of us come to college to get a job,” Mueller said. “These skills and experiences give students great material for their résumé. You have to have things that are applicable to your career field.”

Ruiz agreed with Mueller that the initial programs are the first step for incoming students.

“We have an exciting semester ahead,” Ruiz said. “Lots of good things for our students.”

The fair will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 4 in the Carson Center on the first floor of Todd. There will be free pizza and giveaways.