Letter to the editor: Hate speech is not political


It is the responsibility of the state legislation to oversee the operations of WSU. As a land grant university, the state has overseen the university for over 100 years. The president is under the board of directors and the legislators.
WSU has not provided an inclusive environment over the last two years. The failure to provide security for a hate speaker last year is one such example. The actions of the Democrat club is a direct response of the lack of actions by the members of the Republican club. As stated, James Allsup removed himself — it was the duty of the membership of the group to remove him. If he was the leader of a fraternity, the actions of the university would have been very different.
As a freshman, you do not remember the actions of the university on fraternities that used hate speech and hazing in the last two years. The action against hate speech is not “a belief” of legislators, it is state and federal law.
Allsup is guilty of hate speech. Hate speech does not represent “a large portion of Americans.” This call for revoking status is not a political action, rather a call to uphold the law. Freedom of speech stops at the infringement on others. The issue of race relations, and hate crimes is THE number one issue in America for the last 200 years, into today. It was the main reason for our civil war. You should call for the removal of any student practicing hate crimes. Failure of the university calls for action by the legislation. Your call out on political censorship is a misunderstanding of the issue. Hate speech is not political.