Student Affairs office reorganizes

The WSU Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment is restructuring its hierarchy in order to improve functionality.

Kathryn Barnard, executive director of university communications, said the changes are designed to make work flow within the organization more efficiently.

“Because different functions of the organization were scattered throughout different departments, there were some built-in inefficiencies – nothing damaging, but also not the optimal way to operate,” she said. “The new structure pulls different functions under single departments that makes it easier for students to use.”

Barnard said several changes involving University Recreation (UREC) are underway.

She said UREC, which reported to John Fraire, vice president for student affairs and enrollment, will become a self-sustaining unit grouped with other auxiliary units such as the Compton Union Building, Residence Life, Housing Services, Dining Services, and the Children’s Center.

Barnard said the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, which was a part of UREC, now reports to Melynda Huskey, WSU dean of students. She said the Wellbeing Program, also formerly under UREC, now reports to Bruce Wright, executive director of Health and Wellness Services.

Other changes include a search for an associate vice president for enrollment, who will oversee the Admissions Office, Recruitment Office, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, and New Student Programs.

Barnard said she hopes these changes will enable Student Affairs to better accommodate students.

“The goal is to improve students’ interactions with Student Affairs by making it easier and more intuitive to access all services – for example, moving the Wellbeing Program to Health and Wellness Services,” Barnard said. “It’s a more logical place for those services to be placed and creates the opportunity for a lot more synergy with other wellness programs.”

Adam Jussel, director of Student Standards and Accountability, said integrating the departments within Student Affairs will benefit students.

“The shifts within the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment provide us with the opportunity to collaborate with different WSU offices to positively impact students,” Jussel said.

Jussel said Student Standards seeks to improve how it handles matters of student conduct, and that is made possible by the departmental shifts within Student Affairs.

“While SSA remains responsible for upholding the WSU Standards of Conduct of Students, the transitions allow our team to re-evaluate the services we offer, and further seek to involve students and the WSU community in the conduct process,” Jussel said.