The Palouse treasures Palouse Treasures

Maxwell Reister, Evergreen columnist

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Avast, me hearties; though it be landlocked like a mole chained to a tree, Pullman has a treasure trove Captain Hook would give his last hand for.

Boasting two decks stuffed to the gills with the flotsam and jetsam of the area, Palouse Treasures is a thrift shop behind Dissmore’s on the north end of town.

Perhaps your berth feels empty and boring. A quick perusal of the shop’s stock and a clever mind could rejigger those fetching tablecloths into curtains, lending your room some color and providing an escape route should your apartment be boarded by scallywags.

The rigors of college life can exhaust even the most able of sailors. Luckily, some clever people invented furniture to hold you and your stuff. Palouse Treasures offers an eclectic collection from bar stools to bedframes, coffee tables to cabinets.

Most of the bottom deck of the store is devoted to clothes for thrifty folks of any age or gender. If you need more Cougar clothes, but are wary of the prices for new garb, make sure to riffle through the racks of crimson and gray. You could also start collecting pieces for a homemade Halloween costume or assemble some piratical pants to wear for International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19.

The store is part of Palouse Industries, a larger agency in the region that supports people with developmental disabilities. So you can save doubloons and contribute to the community at the same place.

Palouse Treasures offers a service rare among thrift stores, with staff testing electronic gizmos and recording the item’s operating condition on a sticker. This can save you the frustration of coming home with a toaster oven only to find it deader than a fish in a box.

But beware of the siren call of thrift stores. Sometimes the abundance of swag can overwhelm your thrift-sense and you’ll find yourself awash in too much stuff. A salty old thrifter once cautioned me to always examine the goods, consider how this item will improve your life, and allow yourself to leave some treasures behind.

The best part about a thrift store like this is the ever-changing stock. Like the restless ocean waves, the bounty at Palouse Treasures is never the same.