Reader reactions: Pac-12 fines WSU for fans storming field

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Readers react to the Pac-12 deciding to fine WSU $25,000 because fans rushed the field to celebrate after a 30-27 win over University of Southern California. This is the second time WSU fans rushed the field this season. The rule is to allow the visiting team, staff members and officials to exit the field safely after a game, according to the Pac-12.

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Katie McDaniel: “I’m sorry, but if the other schools can manage it, we should be able to. They had to ask them over the speakers to let USC get off the field. That’s like the opposite of class.”

Clara OliverAlright kids. Either they’re going to introduce a new fee to pay this or they’re going to charge more for tickets. Either way the fans are going to pay for it so maybe they should knock it the frick off unless they want to pay more. Just saying.”

Phil Lippe: “Small price to pay for school spirit. The students and players will remember this event for decades.”

Nelson Holmberg: “I dislike saying it, but good. Storming the field is stupid … unless you’ve just won the national championship or something. Go Cougs.”

Spencer Vilhauer: “What reasonable actions could WSU have taken in order to keep the kids off the field?”

Rhonda Witt-Miller: “It was an amazing win, who can blame them? Adrenaline was running high!”

Leanne Collier: “I would donate if they have a legit fund set up. Heck, I bet most Coug fans would!”