Fake ID attempts at Dissmore’s

IAN SMAY, Evergreen reporter

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Pullman Police responded to three fake identification incidents Friday, two of which occurred at Dissmore’s.

The first incident happened when an 18-year-old woman attempted to use a fake ID to purchase alcohol, said Penni Reavis, Pullman Police Support Services manager.

The second incident of the night also happened at Dissmore’s, under different circumstances. A 20-year-old woman attempted to purchase alcohol with her sister-in-law’s license. The case is still active, and the charge was minor showing false representation of age, Reavis said.

These incidents come a week after the Evergreen reported that Dissmore’s staff was increasing training, after 13 cases of attempted use of fake ID had taken place at the grocery store since the beginning of August, 12 of which resulted in arrests.

Police also responded to a suspected fake Texas license at Valhalla. The suspect fled before police arrived, but they will be attempting to make contact with the suspect soon, Reavis said.