Students twerk for homecoming

By Lance Lijewski

Cheer chants, back flips, giant meatballs, shirtless men, and lap dances highlighted Sunday night’s Homecoming Lip Sync event held by the Student Entertainment Board.

A half an hour before the program began at 7 p.m., students lined up along the ground floor atop the Holland Library rooftop waiting to cheer on the Greek community and residence hall participants.

“It’s amazing we had so many people show up,” said SEB Events Coordinator Logan Webberman. “The CUB Senior Ballroom was completely full.”

Sixteen groups performed that night, with audience members responding positively to the pieces. Twerking and whopping were reoccurring dance moves throughout the show, as were endless jabs at the Vandals, WSU’s opposing team for this coming weekend’s football game.

“Our theme this week is ‘Beat the Vandals,’” said Webberman. “I loved the excitement and atmosphere that came with their team spirit.”

Diversity was seen in all of the performances. Many genres of music including alternative pop, dub step, hip hop and country were incorporated into each routine.

About half way through the show, Gannon-Goldsworthy’s team caught the attention of the judges with a Queen mash-up that took advantage of the stories within the music and the destruction of a Vandals jersey to get their point across.

“It wasn’t important that we win,” said freshman Spanish major Victoria Young. “We didn’t just want to dance. We wanted music that stayed relevant to the theme and to have fun.”

By the end of the evening, Alpha Chi Omega came in first-place with their heavily choreographed lip synching performance.

With four days of preparation, the team stressed how much their dedication paid off.

“We worked so hard,” said junior political science major Elika Sudo. “The team pulled everything off perfectly.”

Synchronized dancing, a solid theme and stunts by WSU freshman cheerleader and graphic design major Mark Midtt helped the team stun the judges with their routine.

“I really liked all of their creativity, originality, costumes and Cougar pride,” said third judge, SEB Spotlight Director Liz Lin. “That’s what we were looking for in each team.”

Groups Gamma Phi Beta and Tri Delta came in second and third place with their performances.

“Overall, it was a really great show,” said Webberman at the end of the night. “I’m really looking forward to the other events this week.”

Tonight the Talent Show will be in the CUB Senior Ballroom at 7 p.m. A Chants Competition and Serpentine will be held tomorrow night at 6 p.m. on the Thompson Flats.