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Reader reactions: UW denies ASWSU Global’s request for Apple Cup tickets

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Readers react to an article about the University of Washington denying 80 Apple Cup group tickets to ASWSU Global. The UW director of group and digital sales stated that they are only permitted to sell tickets to UW fans. ASWSU Global was limited to 20 single tickets instead because of the increasing price. Coug fans at the game will also likely find themselves spread out at Husky Stadium.

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Shariq Hamed: “I think WSU Athletics is already allotted a number of tickets to sell to their fans. ASWSU Global is trying to secure more than what is already given to WSU Athletics at a group rate. Makes sense that they don’t want another WSU section turning up. I’m sure Martin Stadium does the same.”

Mark Glide Barnett: “Any school sporting event should serve the students and not wealthy season ticket holders. It’s the students who represent the achievement of the school and pay astronomical tuition to be there. Anything outside of that is monetary greed. School sports are an opportunity for students to support their student-athletes and forgetting that basic fact will always be a poor move.”

Tyler Kirkevold: “They’re asking for more tickets from what they were probably already given. Opposing team is allotted a certain amount of tickets. This is standard throughout college football. If the game was played at WSU and UWSA asked for more, they would be denied as well. Fans would have to go on the secondary market. This game is sold out … You’re not going to find group tickets for this game.”

Kristell Pearson: “I’m just disappointed in the actions that they decided to pursue. The reasoning is selfish and unheard of. This is a game for both teams and their fans. To not sell tickets because you aren’t the right type of fan they have in mind is absurd.”