Photography Club hopes to expand on campus

Best photo for weekly themed contest posted to club’s Instagram


Courtesy Kyle Tucker

Photography Club members meet for a photo walk Sept. 14 near McCoy Hall. They plan to have an exhibit at the end of the year to showcase their work.

MARCO MCCRAY, Evergreen reporter

Photography is typically a solo activity, but the Photography Club brings people with these same interests together.

Vice President Kyle Tucker said having a community of photographers and a support group on campus is important because it’s easy to get discouraged at times, he said.

“You might get down and say that everyone’s already shot everything there is to see, but nobody’s shot where you are at that exact point in time,” Tucker said.

The club also does a weekly activity called photo challenges for members who want to participate, Photography Club President Sean Kotta said. For the week, the members will have a single focus, like sports in action, and will go out and try to get the best shots they can of the specific topic.

Every meeting, the Photography Club goes over the focus for the next photo challenge and the winner of the last one. The club votes on the pictures submitted for the week, and the winner is featured on the club’s Instagram page.

Kotta said photography is a popular hobby, and he was surprised the club was unofficial last semester. The last people in charge of the Photography Club graduated and didn’t pass down the mantel for its continuation, he said.

The Photography Club has just been reestablished this fall semester. The club operated as an unofficial organization for a couple months at the end of last spring semester, Kotta said.

The club wanted to become an official organization, but the university only offers Registered Student Organization training at the beginning of each semester, and it is a requirement for becoming an RSO, Kotta said.

The Photography Club currently has about 60 members, Tucker said. They don’t require any previous experience with photography or expensive equipment, he said. The only thing that students really need is an interest in this art form, Tucker said.

Kotta and Tucker waited until the start of this semester and they both went through RSO training. The program includes teaching the officers how to reserve spots and times for tabling events as well as properly registering club events.

The goal of the club is to bring together the community of photographers on campus and share ideas, Kotta said.

“I enjoy getting people with the same interests to collaborate and teach each other new tricks regarding photography,” Kotta said.

The Photography Club plans on expanding over time and getting more involved with the community, Tucker said. The club was contacted by the equestrian team, and is taking photos for one of their upcoming events.

The club is also currently working on the logistics of hosting an exhibition fundraiser at the end of the year where all the members bring one or two of their favorite photos they took throughout the year to sell.

The Photography Club meets at 5 p.m. every other Thursday in Murrow Hall, Room 242. Those interested in getting involved with the club can visit their Cougsync or Facebook page, or attend a meeting.