Reader reactions: Performing Arts program to end amid university-wide budget cuts

Readers react to an article about WSU President Kirk Schulz’s email stating that the Performing Arts program will end after this academic year. With continuing budget cuts, Performing Arts was cut because ticket sales, grants and gifts did not sustain the program. Positions were cut or not renewed in Athletics, Finance and Administration, Student Affairs and various colleges.

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Tricia Hoover: “No, that is exactly the point. If you can’t convince donors and students to support the performing arts, it won’t be funded. Unfortunately, it is just an underutilized department on campus.”

Michael Harris: “I wish these budget cuts didn’t devolve into a debate about ‘us or them’ i.e. Theater vs. Football. One without the other. It’s not that easy and we’re all better than that. In reality it’s much simpler. Budgeting, management, and innovation that creates income. WSU hasn’t shown it can do that.”

Beth Hatter: “Just the tip of the iceberg. For those that say spending on sports benefits the university, I’ll be waiting to see how it plays out now. Will the same sports donors step up to save arts, academic programs, etc.”

Richard Snyder: “Isn’t the new building a Cultural Center? Yet, we had to cut multicultural programs? I’ve had students write about how these programs gave them community and accountability at WSU and pushed them to succeed. I’d like to know what is more of a priority for our students than that.”

Marilyn Washabaugh: “Honestly, public land grant colleges should only offer in demand business, science and technology majors with job openings in the post college world. If a private college wants to offer areas like performing arts or French literature that have very limited career paths, then go for it.”