Fashion club reimagines their upcoming magazine

Club members work to increase amount of professional activities


DARA EMAN | The Daily Evergreen

Back, left to right: Serena Sabedra, Tara Kelly, Kaley Mozell, Bridgette Bacon and Trityca M Stubbs. Front, left: Jahaida Benitez and Kylie Humble at their meeting Thursday.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

The Apparel Merchandising Design and Textile student organization combines multiple majors within the AMDT department into a cohesive group of individuals.

President Kylie Humble, a senior majoring in apparel merchandising, always knew she adored fashion and wanted to establish connections with others who have the same passion.

“I was really shy my freshman year,” Humble said. “Joining the club helped me break out of that.”

Although meetings are held biweekly, Humble and the other officers meet on the off-weeks to plan out big group meetings. The meetings are versatile, sometimes the members engage in workshops.

Workshops are meant to be enjoyable, with members bringing in old scraps of clothing and redesigning them however they would like. An upcoming workshop is Denim Distress, during which members will bring in old jean items and use scissors, paint and glitter to reimagine them, Humble said.

“The best part about fashion is how communicative and creative you can be,” Sabedra said. “Fashion is a way to speak without actually saying anything, the clothes do it for you.”

The organization works to expand their reach to all of campus because of the connections people make within the club. Members are immediately welcomed in and encouraged to voice their opinions, Humble said.

“This department is so big that you don’t see a lot of people within their majors branching out,” senior apparel design major Mary Anne Gebhart said. “I would love to see people be more excited about collaborating on fashion, even though they are all under different majors.”

The club wants to increase the amount of activities they participate in, to work on becoming more professional in the fashion world, Serena Sabedra, vice president and a sophomore majoring in apparel merchandising, said.

DARA EMAN | The Daily Evergreen
Apparel Merchandising Design and Textile club members assemble mood boards from magazines for inspiration.

Their magazine, LUXE, is an example, it was renamed and reimagined Trityca Stubbs, a junior double majoring in apparel merchandising and design, and Kaley Mozell, a sophomore majoring in fashion merchandising.

Stubbs and Mozell took on the project of LUXE as a way to revamp the magazine.

“We are trying to make it more artistic,” Stubbs said. “We want to expand beyond the limited fashion knowledge of Pullman and talk about high fashion, too.”

Though the first issue is not set to release until after April 2018, Stubbs and Mozell are dedicated to establishing the content they would like to see now. Because LUXE has yet to receive sponsors, the members are paying for the magazine out of their own pocket and budget.

Sabedra and Humble work to diversify the perspectives within the club, which is why they are constantly advertising the club benefits. The members are very collaborative, with no one person taking charge of the entire organization at any given time, Humble said.

“There’s definitely a trend of people who may start off as reluctant and over time they really break out of their shell,” Humble said.

An example of this, is board representative Bridgette Bacon, a sophomore in fashion merchandising. Her position entails attending CAHNRS senate meetings and bringing the information back to Humble. As a freshman, she was introverted but appreciated the inviting atmosphere of the club.

“Not only are you building up skills outside of the classroom,” Bacon said, “but you’re also around people who have your interests. You feel like they really understand you.”

Passion for every activity supports the events and workshops, Sabedra said.

“We are all really passionate about fashion and expressing ourselves,” Sabedra said. “At the end of the day, our main focus is being creative and showing our artistic sides.”

There is a $10 fee for those interested in joining to pay for snacks and art supplies for the workshops. The AMDT club meets at 7 p.m. every other Thursday in Johnson Hall, Room C1.