Employee talks about his plans following graduation


RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen

Sam Kosbab is looking into a postition with Zillow.

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter

Name, age: Sam Kosbab, 23
Year, major: senior, marketing

How did you choose this job?
“I worked at a gym for … my whole life in terms of being employed. So when there was a management position open [at the Chinook Student Center], that’s why I wanted to come here.”

Have you always been into gyms and working out?
“Yeah, I love exercise. I actually played baseball my whole life, up until two years ago. I tore my rotator cuff at Clark College.”

What are some interesting interactions you’ve had working with people here?
“It’s really a social job, just being in customer service here. It’s just a good learning experience.”

Do you think this job gives you unique connections you wouldn’t otherwise have?
“Oh yeah, totally. Our building is so dynamic, there’s so many different things. Having a restaurant, having study spaces, having exercise spaces. So many diverse things that people come here to do, you’re dealing with a huge group of diverse patrons.”

Why did you choose marketing as your major?
“I just like working with people. Advertising sales, those kinds of things, always clicked with me.”

Do you want to do anything related to this job in the future?
“I figure I’m going more into business and sales. I’m doing my final round of interviews with a company back in Seattle with … Zillow Group, and they’re a real estate company. So most likely I’ll end up working for them after I graduate in December.

Reporting by Rachel Sun