Letter to the editor: Schulz going in wrong direction


Last semester, WSU President Kirk Schulz announced a new direction for WSU. The university would be focusing on academics, and before we knew it, we would be a top-25 research university. A most admirable goal for our humble school. I am so glad to see President Schulz taking big steps in the right direction, like saying students can’t park in parking lots they paid to park in because there’s a football game.

This just shows how great of a leader Schulz is for this university. As he laid out in an email sent out to students, Schulz said giving up our parking spots is a terrific opportunity for this college. I wholeheartedly agree, this is a perfect opportunity to show how much we care about academics here at WSU, by showing we put people who paid to see a football game, who probably never even went here, ahead of our hardworking students.

I have been thinking about how Schulz’s administration can extend this opportunity to more people. I have a terrific idea: Schulz should include his own garage and front yard in the general parking. That way, he can feel the sting of this “opportunity” just like all of us tuition-paying undergraduates.