Letter from the Mint editor: What we’re not thankful for

Let’s get all that negativity out of our systems, shall we?

JENNIFER LADWIG, Evergreen mint editor

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I feel the need to discuss some things that we aren’t thankful for this holiday season.

To start with, we are not thankful for the crappy Wi-Fi on campus. Or the fact that only four people can watch Netflix at once (or two if you’re like me). Or the fact that HBO is even worse and only one person can binge “Game of Thrones” or “Sex and the City” at once.

Speaking of “Game of Thrones,” we’re not thankful we have to wait another two years before the new season comes out.

We’re not thankful for the cold weather that hikes up our electricity bills and freezes our nose hairs. Or the fact that we have to scrape ice off our cars, and how we sometimes forget gloves.

We’re not thankful for the packed ice that’s sure to come, and the fact that only parts of campus have heated sidewalks. And how you can’t see the ice on the red bricks at night so you just end up on your ass sliding down that one hill by McCroskey Hall.

We’re not thankful for the doors into Todd that are way too heavy and have a handle located in an oddly low position.

We’re not very thankful for all of the wedding and pregnancy announcements flooding our newsfeed. Stop rubbing your happiness in our faces, people.

We’re not thankful for all those trailers that come and eat up our parking spots every time there’s a sports thing. Thank goodness that’s over.

We’re not thankful for those people who ignore us when we make heart eyes at their dogs. Just let us love your fluffy puppy, please.

Definitely not thankful for the fact that alcohol is cheaper in Idaho than in Washington. Actually, the fact that everything is cheaper in Idaho. Although if we have a car, we are very thankful that we can drive to the cheaper alcohol.

We’re not thankful for the fact that bras are the social norm here in America. Free the nipple!

We’re absolutely not thankful for Disney’s decision to create its own streaming site, thus removing all Disney-owned media from Netflix, HBO and Hulu. Looks like us Disney fans will have to add another streaming service to the list.

But most of all, we’re not thankful for the fact that our professors are real people and not dogs in glasses and bowties. I can guarantee we’d never skip class if we had cute puppies instructing us.

Jennifer Ladwig is a senior multimedia journalism major from Washougal. She can be contacted at [email protected]