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Reader reactions: 30 new bike racks coming to campus

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Readers react to an article about WSU Transportation Services adding or replacing about 30 bike racks around campus starting in the spring. The increase in the number of racks will be about 40 percent. Transportation Services is also planning to start a campaign to help students navigate Pullman through the bus system.

Read the full article here.

Daniel Stuart Hoffman: “That is such a typical administrative response that totally passes over the actual issue. The demand: more parking. The solution: bike racks. See the problem? Has anyone here heard someone say, ‘I was going to ride my bike but there’s never any rack space so I drive instead?’ Nope, me either.”

Nick Vasicek: “As a biker, yes I do think there is a shortage of bike racks. And some of them have had bikes locked up on them for months now. It drives me crazy! With the new bike trails around Pullman, I think more people are deciding to dust off their bikes and ride.”

Kyle Swain: “Great idea, if Pullman was flat and the university did an efficient job clearing snow and ice for the majority of the academic year. Unfortunately, neither of those factors are the case.”

Caleb Pletcher: “The university certainly must be in dire straits. No money for the arts, plenty for administrators. No funds available to hold on to incredibly valuable student perspectives from those with different backgrounds, hot damn we got bike racks and new buildings though, go sports! WSU, you have a serious image problem.”