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Farewell to editor-in-chief, not the Evergreen

GABRIELLA RAMOS, Evergreen editor-in-chief

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I must say, turning over the keys to the editor-in-chief’s office will be bittersweet. This semester, the office has been more than a home to my endeavors as the leader of this publication. It has been a venue for tough conversations that have shaped the experience of many editors here. It has housed productive and off-task conversations and served as a hub of emotional expression in the newsroom. Seeing editors learn and grow through criticism and praise is one of the things I will miss about sitting at this desk.

Through this opportunity, I have learned so much about myself as a leader. First, I have learned that it just takes a little initiative and a couple motivated people to make big changes. I have seen this play out in a variety of venues: Through our print and online redesigns, the rethinking of the life and mint sections, and our pursuit of budget reporting.

I have learned that it is OK to ask for help. Even though being the boss means making hard decisions, it also means learning and growing with your fellow editors. This concept was thrust into action in September, as the sports section faced five straight home football games and special editions.

If it weren’t for editors who were willing to put in extra time to bring our ideas together, who knows if we could have achieved what we did. I have learned so much from working so closely with highly-motivated Evergreeners, and I hope some of them can say the same about working with me.

Lastly, I’ve seen how much this place means to all the editors who work here. Not to sound cheesy, but we would literally rather do this than anything else. Many of us have developed ourselves as professionals through our experience, while creating great friendships and connections along the way. Together, we have established a culture of hard work and perseverance through balancing work and school. And many nights, in the intense five minutes leading up to deadline, friendships have been formed.

Although nothing can really prepare you for the long nights, high-pressure deadlines and responsibility that comes with this office, I assure you editor-in-chief-elect Madison Jackson is about as well-prepared as any incoming editor could be. She has been a driving force behind our design this semester, and I am excited to see how she builds upon the foundations that we have established together over the past eight months.

Don’t let this farewell fool you, I am going nowhere. I will still be in the newsroom as the mint editor and I will be helping the Evergreen with its community outreach goals in the spring. And even though I will not be needed in the newsroom between all of my classes every day, I already know this is where I will be.

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GABRIELLA RAMOS, Evergreen mint editor

Gabriella Ramos is a junior strategic communication major from Aurora, Illinois. She is pursuing minors in business administration and French. During her...

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Farewell to editor-in-chief, not the Evergreen