Letter to the Editor: Head Coach Mike Leach’s pay increase is bad call

JIM WELCH, Spokane

Has the football world gone mad? Or maybe I should say has WSU joined in on the madness? Obviously.

If you go to just about any state in the country, typically you will find that the top-five paid state employees include a head football or basketball coach in that state. This does not even include private schools.

I just do not get WSU sweetening the pot of Head Coach Mike Leach’s income to the tune of $20 million over five years. If those numbers are right, do the math, $4 million per year on average.

Speaking of average, that is what we are getting. If you equate average to an equal number of wins compared to losses, that is what we are getting.

Think of that in terms of being a student. If average is “C,” good luck on getting into medical school, law school, grad school or just graduating with a bachelor’s from the Palouse. If you, as a student, do not want to settle on being average, how in the heck can you support a school that is rewarding mediocrity?