Letters to the editor: Student voices necessary for progress and change


Thanks for the great editorial attitude and the invitation for people to speak up, with an emphasis on diversity. (“Opinion section dedicated to diversity, experience” by Jackson Ferderer, Daily Evergreen, Jan. 9, 2018) The Daily Evergreen is enhanced by this attitude. As a former WSU student from the ‘60s and ‘70s (started my education and got my fifth year for teaching there), I know student voices can be powerful. I challenge you to use them. Not just in demonstrations, but on the phone to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers to voice your opinion. Perhaps you think the threatened cuts to safety net programs like SNAP are not right, tell her. Or you might think it is obvious that we should end hunger and poverty in the world’s richest country. Tell her, she is a senior member of her party. Or tell your representative from where you are from, and your senators, they represent you. Need help doing this? Check with results at results.org, or some other group that will train you in activist skills. This is your country, sorry it isn’t in a better state, but we can change that. Speak up.