Reader Reactions: Schulz must do more to encourage voting

Readers react to a column arguing that WSU President Kirk Schulz has a responsibility to encourage civic engagement among students. This was in response to an email sent to Schulz by clinical assistant professor Elizabeth Siler, urging him to raise awareness about National Voter Registration Day. Schulz responded days later saying he would look into it and then never got back to Siler. National Voter Registration Day is Sept. 9.

Emerson Michael A Jr: “The Silers are trouble-makers and have been for year. He owes them nothing. They lost their mouthpiece when the president change happened and will be bitter until another ultra lib comes in and caters to their every whim.”

Jared Chastain: “I understand the position and generally agree that voter turnout is important, however, the arguments presented fail to convince me that the university president take on this role into his already overwhelming schedule.”

Daniel Stuart Hoffman: “Even if every student voted, I have not sensed an iota of interest in providing representation to students from Pullman leadership. Pullman is about the people who own property there, not the people renting from them.”

Kyle Strid: “Why would the status quo want you to vote to change it? Ask yourselves that.”

Beth Waddel: “Let’s not make broad assumptions about Pullman residents. Many of us support your efforts! Nurture your allies. The campus was very different under the leadership of Floyd. And as we see on the National stage, we need to work on coordinating alliances between town and gown.”