Health and Wellness offers stress workshops

Sydney Brown, Evergreen life editor

Health and Wellness will host several workshops and programs this semester in order to promote maintaining a healthy mind and body, according to the Health and Wellness website.


Life Skills

These workshops will help students gather positive information about how to handle daily life struggles. This includes a sleep workshop about establishing healthier sleeping habits and downloading useful sleeping apps. The more scientific aspects involved in how the body handles sleep, or lack thereof, will also be a major aspect of the workshop.


Stress Reduction and Mental Health Education

According to the Health and Wellness website, emotional wellness is a key aspect of maintaining healthy and successful relationships. Emotional wellness also helps one develop methods of dealing with challenges and setbacks characteristic of daily life struggles.

This program includes a stress management workshop, during which one will learn to identify and successfully handle symptoms of extreme stress. Changing one’s mindset as a way to reduce and control stress will be a major focus of the workshop.

Health and Wellness will also hold a mindfulness and meditation workshop in order to teach the many benefits of meditative techniques and regulating emotional health.

Other workshops will include mental health first aid and suicide prevention training, both meant as educational tools for identifying symptoms and helping those with mental illnesses.


Substance Use

Several workshops under the topic of substance use and abuse will also be available. This will include alcohol safety, or the process of recognizing signs of alcohol overdose in a friend and how to care for them. There will also be a workshop on drinking responsibly, which will focus more on the immediate dangers of alcohol. Information regarding WSU drinking laws and medical emergency procedure will also be given.


Violence Prevention

Health and Wellness also focuses several workshops on addressing issues of violence, both on campus and in personal relationships. Some will teach how to recognize unhealthy actions within a relationship, including the impact of stalking, sexual assault and partner violence.

Additionally, there will be a workshop dedicated to consent, which will inform students on the importance of clear and knowing consent for everyone involved in a sexual situation.