Spooky streets in Palouse

BY BROOKLYNN GRADITI | Evergreen reporter

Something sinister stirs in Palouse this time of year.

The town of Palouse transforms its streets every year to create a scary scene open to the public. The Boomerang Museum and old jail have become haunted houses and a haunted hayride twists and turns down Shady Lane, Haunted Palouse organizer Annie Pillars said.

The event, Haunted Palouse, opened last weekend and will run for two more nights, tonight and tomorrow.

Mike White, who has worked in one of the haunted houses for the past few years, said he does his best to give people a fright. However, White said he couldn’t tell the role he plays in the haunted house or else it would ruin half the fun.

“The town of Palouse comes together as a group and creates sets,” White said. “We aim for fright, humor, and having fun.”

White said volunteers create the mazes with dark corners and areas that people will be unsure about. Palouse also receives help with set-up and scene creation from WSU fraternities and sororities, he said. The event is a fun time for the whole town to come together, he said.

“Sometimes I don’t see people all year until it’s Haunted Palouse time,” White said.

Junior communication major Erin Osgood said she went to the Haunted Palouse last year and looks forward to going again.

“Palouse is a small town, so the whole place had an eerie feeling, and it was very fun,” Osgood said. “It’s nice to have access to haunted houses during Halloween time so close to Pullman.”

White said the Haunted Palouse is for people who enjoy having fun and not taking things so seriously. He said it’s always been fun for him to entertain and scare people.

“You hear a lot of screaming in the houses, but you also hear a lot of laughter,” he said. “And that’s what the Haunted Palouse is really about.”

Pillars said the Haunted Palouse reached its second-highest attendance rate in 13 years last Saturday, when 1,465 people visited.

“It was a very busy weekend, but it was a blast,” Pillars said.

Tickets for Haunted Palouse cost $15 and include access to both haunted houses and the haunted hayride. Tickets can be purchased outside the bank on Main Street in Palouse, where the event is also held.

For information on group ticket sales, call (509) 595-1129.