Reader Reactions: WSU football player found dead in apartment

Readers react to redshirt sophomore quarterback Tyler Hilinksi’s apparent suicide Tuesday. If you or someone you know is in need, WSU Counseling and Psychological Services can be contacted at 509-335-2159.

Scott Thompson: “I am completely shocked and at a loss for words. This is so incredibly tragic. He was so young and so talented.”

Cindy Vedder Clement: “So so sad. So much promise and potential. My condolences.”

Jess Canterberry: “It doesn’t matter how young or talented he was. He is a person, that is all that matters.”

Michael Harris: “Life is very fragile, there is a tipping point for some. Relationships, the pressures of growing up, the pressure of maintaining grades while competing in a sport at a high level all put a heavy finger on that scale. That finger always pushes down on one side of the scale, we try to push back … We just need to be aware of those among us who are broken and offer a hand, kind words, support. A smile.”