Sanctuary Yoga hosts monthly Food Bank Friday

Sydney Brown, Evergreen life editor

Sanctuary Yoga will be hosting its monthly Food Bank Friday tonight.

Manager Destiny Sternod said anyone who brings in three nonperishable or canned food items will receive the opportunity to attend a hot yoga class. The class will be taught by Collette Edge, an instructor of several classes at Sanctuary Yoga as well as a student at WSU.

Food Bank Friday will occur on the second or third Friday of each month, Sternod said.

As a volunteer at the Pullman Community Action Center, Edge brought the idea to Sternod as a way for Sanctuary Yoga to become more involved in community efforts, Sternod said.

Edge also teaches barre, some of the business’ featured fitness classes and the yoga classes. Despite her busy schedule, Edge wanted to make volunteer work a priority, Sternod said.

“The number one thing is that we’re able to support the community by offering them food donations,” Sternod said.

Sternod said offering a yoga class at no actual monetary cost allows for community members with financial difficulties or time constraints to experience a hot yoga class.

“This will help us be a part of the community and bring in people who have never actually come in before,” Sternod said.

Sanctuary Yoga was founded in 2013. The business regularly holds barre and dance classes alongside fitness and yoga classes.

The hot yoga class begins at 8 p.m. and ends about 9 p.m. tonight at Sanctuary Yoga, which is located on 540 E Main Pullman St.