Reader Reaction | Police reports cougar sighting

Pullman police spotted a cougar around Military Hill on Sunday night. Police recommend staying on alert and keeping pets indoors, especially at night.

Susan Wicks Iverson: “I think maybe #3 just wanted to let us know he’s still with us. That’s what I choose to believe.”

Daniel Stuart Hoffman: “Just a young male passing through Whitman County to find a place to set up his territory. Happens pretty regularly in places that do not have sustained populations, but are near them. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of Whitman County’s wheat production is that the cougar will likely never be native again.”

Gabriel Storolli: “That’d be awesome to see one of those running around the city hahaha. All I saw in Pullman were some squirrels and captive bears.”

Merideth Henderson: “We always find our way back home!”