Reader reactions | WSU partnering with local businesses would improve community

Readers react to a column calling WSU to partner with local businesses, like Zoe’s, instead of large corporations like Starbucks.

Jens Hegg: “Yes, very much so. WSU should be a much bigger partner in the larger community than it is. Meanwhile, UI has a Co-op branch open and two branches of a local coffee shop.”

Jim O’Dell: “WSU doesn’t care about local business. They are actively doing everything possible to keep students, family and parents from going downtown for anything.”

Christopher Chandler: “The Subway in the Cub is locally owned and operated.”

Emerson Michael A Jr: “You do have a sane columnist … my apologies.”

Brent Courtright: “I agree however this needs to go both ways. Hotels triple their rates and restaurants are packed every football weekend in Pullman. Yet most of those businesses do not give back to Cougar Athletics but are reaping the rewards of their efforts and taking advantage of fans.”