Reader Reactions | WSU launches Spanish financial aid information

Readers react to WSU Student Financial Services launching a Spanish version of its website. The new website is a reaction to both the growing Hispanic population and calls from parents of future students asking questions in Spanish. The translation process started in April and ended in January. SFS is currently the only WSU department that has translated its webpage.


Katie McDaniel: “Wait, it wasn’t before? Maybe it’s because I come from California, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that just because a prospective student speaks perfect English, doesn’t mean their parents do.”

Nick Backman: “Are classes conducted in Spanish? Otherwise they should probably learn English before attending.”

Michelle Pingree: “It [is] for the parents or family members mostly, though some students do prefer Spanish when available.”

Camilla Montaño: “And of course everyone commenting about how unnecessary this is is fluent in another language to the extent they can easily understand legal and financial jargon, right? Maybe don’t criticize bilingual people when you can’t even speak the only language you know properly.”