Reader Reactions | Smoking ban doesn’t allow students freedom to decide for themselves

Readers react to a column calling for more designated smoking areas on campus. Smoking should be restricted but designated smoking areas would be a compromise between keeping the air clean and still allowing students choice.

Maarika K Vercamer: “The restrictions come as a way to protect and prevent others from health concerns. If you want to smoke, do it at home or places where it’s legal. Smoking used to be allowed in restaurants and it no longer is — there was uproar about it at first, but now it’s normal and people accept it. Same goes for campus smoking.”

Shane Reynolds: “The ban was instituted by the students. They voted and said they think it’s more important to ban tobacco use on campus. If your opinion is to bring back smoking on campus, ask for it to be put on the ballot.”

Collin Shull: “Given the fact that a WSU football player can mug a guy and steal his beer, be excused by the administration and play despite policies explicitly forbidding it, and later receive an award for his trouble, I feel that smokers should be left alone.”

Bethany Sokol: “A couple of designated spaces well away from building entrances wouldn’t be the end of the world.”