Reader Reactions | WSU player receives award for court ordered community service



Debate on new bill turned into personal fight between Washington lawmakers.

Readers react to senior rush linebacker Logan Tago receiving the Center for Civic Engagement Fall 2017 Community Involvement Award. Tago took part in community service after pleading guilty to second-degree felony robbery and fourth-degree misdemeanor assault. Tago was initially suspended from WSU, but the suspension was lifted.

Stephanie Falck: “Sorry, but this ‘award’ should never have been offered. He got a plea deal because he’s a football player, and that should not be celebrated with an award of any kind, especially not for completing his punishment.”

Landon Roper: “Any issue here is not with Tago, it’s with the Center for Civic Engagement. The story’s headline and image is doing Tago wrong and obscuring the real issue. Tago made a mistake and did what was required. Now we’re making him pay for someone else’s mistake?”

Sierra Lewis: “Most students do hours because they are required. Logan Tago was among every student but he made a meaningful impact on the community, which most students do not.”

Jackie Gonzalez: “I’m confused. He assaults someone. He is punished. And then he is rewarded for completing his punishment?”

Debbie Gray: “WSU Center for Civic Engagement Couged it.”

Brendan Ryan Galvin: “Bottom line is that he is getting awarded for being convicted of beating someone up and stealing a six pack of beer. That’s definitely something I expect from WSU and hilariously stupid.”