Senators will run for president

Two pairs of ASWSU senators announced their campaigns for executive office

BREANNE SEARING, Evergreen reporter

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Two pairs of ASWSU Senators announced their candidacies for president and vice president of the student government Thursday.

All Campus Sen. Savannah Rogers announced she would run for president with All Campus Sen. Tyler Parchem as her running mate. College of Communication Sen. Harald Hyllseth announced he would run with Arts and Science Sen. Devon Holze.

Hyllseth, who first joined ASWSU as a freshman delegate on the Senate, said being involved has made him realize the student government is capable of more.

“ASWSU has been a huge part of my life,” he said. “It’s been my path… to conscientiously looking at problems people in different communities have.”

Holze said the theme of the campaign was embracing communities and hoped by networking with groups on campus, everyone would feel represented.

“We want to visit all parts of campus,” Holze said. “We don’t just want to share our ideas …We really want to make sure our campaign is a continuous feedback process.”

Rogers studies political science and public relations.

“When I first visited the campus it just felt right and seemed to be a natural fit for where I was meant to be,” Rogers said. She also chairs ASWSU’s External Affairs Committee.

Parchem studies political science and chairs the Budget Council.

“I became immersed with political science to mainly give a voice to the disenfranchised people within the community,” Parchem said. He also sits on the Finance Committee.

The ASWSU general election will run from Feb. 19 – 23, during which the student government is also looking to fill open Senate positions representing All Campus, Communication, Engineering and Architecture, Arts and Science, Education, CAHNRS, Honors, Business and uncertified students.

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