Letters to the Editor | ASWSU does not do enough to hear constituents


These opinions and comments are mine and mine alone and do not represent the views of any clubs or organizations I am affiliated with.

I did not realize how little ASWSU Senators sought out the opinions of their constituents until I watched the live stream of the senate meeting where they voted on the referendum. So many senators were speaking on their personal feelings, and hardly any spoke about the thoughts of their constituents. I applaud Sen. [Harald] Hyllseth for saying that he did not agree with this referendum but knew that this would help out quite a few of his constituents that are involved in athletics. How can elected student leaders sit in that room and say because about 5,000 students didn’t buy a sports pass that they would all hate a new fee? Last year only a little over 4,000 students voted in the general election. Those 5,000 students that didn’t get sports passes before could have gone and voted no. They played this as something that targets a minority of students but their students that would be affected probably would not have voted. They can’t be our voices without hearing our viewpoints. ASWSU needs to learn to talk to all of their constituents and not just the big majors in their colleges. What is the point of electing people if they are not going to properly represent us? They should have let this referendum go to the ballot and see what happens. Their personal feelings on the matter are irrelevant. We voted them in to represent us and not to represent their personal feelings and motives.