Reader Reactions | ASWSU senate to consider mandatory sports pass referendum

Readers react to a proposed student fee that would make annual sports passes mandatory. If passed by undergraduates, the sports pass would cost $265, but would be included in financial aid estimates, making it more affordable. Revenue generated from sports passes would increase from $2,679,668 to $4,303,600. ASWSU voted against putting the fee on the ballot.

Jacob Hogg: “Time for people in leadership to make some tough decisions on the path of our university. Are we an institution of higher learning or a sports franchise? Students used to come here to learn and become leaders. Isn’t that what we should be insisting they pay money for?”

Jordan Frost: “This is actually exactly what student government is for. It was created in the 20th century as a way for students to facilitate and manage fee collection for activities and services for students. Before administrators made the decisions, student government was the buffer.”

Michael Harris: “Gotta find a way to pay that overpriced coach who still hasn’t won a division or had a top-10 team at the end of any season he’s ever coached. I love Cougar football, but this is getting ridiculous.”

Cassandra Pellett: “As someone who works every single home game, I would be extremely upset if I was forced to pay for a sports pass that I could never actually use. Tired of WSU pushing athletics over academia so often.”

Daniel Stuart Hoffman: “Mind you, this sports pass doesn’t even guarantee your admission to any events. This is Athletics attempting to pilfer the student body, nothing less. Why should over 5,000 students be compelled to buy a sports pass who don’t want one? It’s theft, straight up theft.”