Professor explains Trump, Christianity link

Readers react to religious history professor Matthew Sutton leading a discussion of the connection between President Donald Trump and Evangelicals. Trump won 81 percent of white Evangelical votes. Sutton said that the Evangelical ideals were set in place during the late 1940s and no politician had appealed to them as heavily in recent years as Trump did. Sutton added that while Trump doesn’t pretend to be an Evangelical, his anti-immigration statements and rhetoric of winning appeals to them.

Mark A. Wasemiller: “Supporting Trump (though I voted for him, I’m not a ‘supporter’) as a majority of Christians did, had less to do with Trump’s ‘religious’ views and more to do with the liberal/progressives lack of Christian morality in their platform (imagine that, but that’s the norm for the left). We weren’t electing a leader for Christianity, we were electing a leader for this country.”

Kailee Theisen: “The GOP and Trump claim to be Christians, claim to be Evangelicals. Yet their behavior, values, finances, nationalism and rhetoric are in direct opposition to the teachings of the Bible. I would rather vote for a campaign that promotes more Christian values, but does not claim to be Christian than vote for a party that so grossly misrepresents the gospel.”

Joleen Schafer: “Faith, family and morals need to make an appearance again in our society. The social issues are a result of people being told they can’t have faith, well a Christian faith anyways, and family isn’t as important as government and causes. We need to stand up for our faith and values or this country will nose dive into socialism before … it’s too late.”

Ethan Rosser: “By supporting Trump, Evangelicals have outed themselves as being just another group of political hacks. All their lecturing on morality and decency was a complete sham.”