Reader Reactions | Pullman psychologist arrested for rape charges

Readers react to psychologist Dean Funabiki turning himself in after a former patient reported he had sexually assaulted her. The Crime Lab matched DNA provided by the victim with Funabiki.

Paige Taylor: “Have to say I’m really impressed with how fast the crime labs matched the DNA. Sending positive thoughts to the survivor.”

Mary Beth Rivetti: “Dean Funabiki was my therapist for a period of time in my life when the world was falling apart all around me. We addressed a number of issues around professional behavior and PTSD. At no time did he ever violate the boundaries of patient/provider. He denies the allegations — although it is hard to imagine how they cannot be true. Something drastic has to have changed in this man to have him throw away his entire professional career, his standing in the community, his freedom, his life, his family.”

Lawrence Hatter: “A horrifying breach of trust. Unforgivable.”

Jacki Antonietti Jones: “This is heart breaking for the [woman] and other potential victims and I have no words for him.”