Multicultural Greeks seek WSU approval for new campus space

UGC says new plaza would show WSU cares about minorities



Kat Jimenez, vice president of public relations for the United Greek Council, explains plans for multicultural Greeks to have their own space above the library.

BREANNE SEARING, Evergreen reporter

The WSU United Greek Council plans to create a Multicultural Greek Plaza in the current Terrell Library Plaza space, with the goal of increasing recruitment and retention of minority students.

Kat Jimenez, vice president of public relations for the UGC, said the space on top of the library will be redesigned to celebrate multicultural students at WSU.

“Multicultural Student Services has been looking for a place where their organizations can be acknowledged and increase overall visibility to the programs and services they offer,” Jimenez said.

The council’s goal is increasing cultural awareness for students on campus by organizing events in the community, she said.

“Multicultural Greeks are often underrepresented,” Jimenez said. “This spot would be used to recognize multicultural communities and their contributions to the campus community.”

She said all UGC chapters and their current presidents fully support the plaza, which would give students a safe space for social recognition.

Abigail George, a member of the Latina-oriented Gamma Alpha Omega sorority, said she hopes the plaza would be used to increase campus visibility of multicultural organizations.

“This would provide a better cultural perspective for students on campus to give various cultures the recognition they deserve,” George said.

The UGC has been working alongside the National Pan-Hellenic Council since 2016 to draft plans for the new plaza to become a multicultural student hub.

Plans for the Multicultural Greek Plaza need approval from the WSU Facilities Names Committee.

Phil Weiler, vice president for marketing and communication, said the funding for the project would come from UGC working with the Alumni Association for structural changes to the plaza.

Outside of the Facilities Names Committee, which hasn’t taken action yet, UGC will need approval from the Board of Regents to officially change the plaza’s name.

Discussion from UGC about what will be included in the plaza is on hold until the committee gives an official decision on the plans.

Jimenez said a Multicultural Greek Plaza would acknowledge the service and commitment multicultural Greeks have to WSU and give validation that the university cares about retaining minority students.