Reader Reactions | Parking permit cost may increase next semester

Fall semester could bring a 2.8 percent price increase for annual and daily parking passes to help offset capital expenses for parking and transportation. The WSU Parking and Transportation Task Force is asking for public comment at

Brad Pearce: “What do you expect when they constantly increase the student population and tear out parking lots to build new housing?”

Colton Riesen: “Because $450 per parking spot just isn’t enough.”

Rachelle Byrd: “Don’t they increase every semester? Sure did while I was there.”

Jess Canterberry: “They should have it due to income level, like a sliding scale fee. We already have to report income for financial aid so they can use that verification process and the verification process could all happen through the financial aid office so that way they don’t have to new training for current employees in transportation.”

Lauren Elizabeth: “I pay $585 for green 1, and that’s not even the most expensive zone.”