Humble beginnings inspire Frost

ASWSU president learned to lead in numerous roles, works to constantly improve self and style



ASWSU President Jordan Frost speaks at the 2018 ASWSU State of the Association address on Thursday.

BLAINE ROSS, Evergreen reporter

A student leader is someone who is determined to make change on campus while being an outstanding role model. He or she is academically inclined, charismatic and informed of policy and parliamentary procedures. ASWSU President Jordan Frost goes above and beyond in demonstrating what a student leader should be.

“[The title] is really just a complicated and fancy way of saying student body president,” Frost said. “I get to be the chief advocate for undergraduates at WSU and get to ensure students have resources and support to enhance their college experience. It’s fun because I also get to be involved with policy and legislative action.”

Frost is from Kent, Washington, and is a senior history major minoring in sociology and political science. He wants to earn his masters in teaching to become a high school social studies teacher, but his long-term goal is to be a high school principal.

Before becoming ASWSU president, he was chief of staff for ASWSU, executive president of the Residence Hall Association, a resident adviser, assistant hall director, ASWSU freshman delegate and president of Scott-Coman Hall.

“Through each experience, you learn a lot about yourself and your style, and I am a very self-reflective person,” Frost said. “I strive and live on a motto of constant improvement, so I am consistently tweaking my leadership style and approach … I got to learn from trial and error how to build a team, how to fairly allocate funds and build or reduce programs.”

Frost has come a long way from his humble beginnings. His mother raised him as a single parent, and he learned to strive for his goals and work to make the world around him better.

“Community is one of my biggest passions, and I’m always looking for positions or opportunities that allow me to have a positive impact on the people around me,” Frost said. “So much of my joy in life is derived from being able to work for and help the people who I share a community with.”