SRC pool allows swimmers to track progress

RYAN BLAKE, Evergreen reporter

The Student Recreation Center offers students an opportunity for both exercise and fun with the SRC pool and spa.

The SRC pool includes a five-lane, 25-yard pool and a section for leisure intended for water basketball and volleyball. The spa has a recirculating waterfall and space for up to 53 patrons. The terrace and sun deck open in the spring and summer when the weather cooperates.

“Swimming is the best activity you can do for your entire body,” said Jared Lindorfer, coordinator of aquatics and safety education at WSU UREC. “Swimming doesn’t put the impact on your joints and your bones that running does.”

UREC offers the program Swim the Pac-12, which challenges participants of all levels to get in the water and swim the distance between conference schools.

Distances have been modified to be attainable, and participants are responsible for logging their progress in binders located at the pool. Prizes are offered based on the level completed and include a water bottle, mesh swim bag and UREC beach towel.

The SRC pool has hosted an in-pool movie viewing and is currently working with ASWSU to do it again. They also held an aqua patch in the fall, where participants could pick a pumpkin out of the water and decorate it.

Group and private swim lessons, fitness swimming and lifeguard classes are also offered by the SRC pool.