DJ Goldfinger is the key to a good time

JACKSON GARDNER, Evergreen reporter

There’s only enough room in this town for one DJ, and that is DJ Goldfinger.

The general manager of Stubblefields, formerly a WSU student, has been in Pullman for about 20 years and has since risen to stardom for revolutionizing Pullman’s nightlife on Tuesdays. Rain or shine, if it’s a “Stubbie Tuesday,” DJ Goldfinger will be headlining in the Stubblefield’s basement.

He can also be found mixing away on his turntables Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

DJ Goldfinger has become the face of Pullman nightlife by connecting with the community he has been a part of for so long. He has DJ’d weddings for WSU alumni, who to this day love the styling of DJ Goldfinger.

WSU junior Jeffery Sand, a bouncer at Stubblefields, gets to witness DJ Goldfinger work his magic on crowds on a nightly basis.

“He just loves to have a good time, that’s what makes him so good,” Sand said. “Every once in a while they will bring out this raised platform with a pole in the middle and place it in the center of the dance floor. DJ Goldfinger will leave his booth and get up on the platform to dance with the crowd. Find me another DJ who does that.”