Gov. Jay Inslee vetoes public records exemption bill

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Readers react to Gov. Jay Inslee vetoing a bill that would exempt the state legislative branch from much of the Public Records Act. Inslee said the bill’s rushed nature “failed to meet public expectations.”

Joel Jones: “Wow … good move, and a reality check for what we’re up against here at home. Pay close attention to who voted to pass this cowardly bill, and make damn sure they pay for it.”

Daniel Stuart Hoffman: “I think a roster of those who voted for this would be appropriate.”

John Gordon: “I’m glad that he vetoed it, but didn’t the bill pass both houses with enough votes that they can overturn his veto? Everyone who’s registered to vote in Washington needs to call/email his or her legislators and tell them to vote no if there is a vote to overturn the veto.”

Fred Michels: “He probably vetoed it knowing congress would override it. That way he wins the voters over for his re-election.”