Reader Reactions | Don’t ban guns, make them harder to buy

Readers react to a column calling for a middle ground between banning guns and limitless access. The columnist said the nation should provide comprehensive mental health care and require background checks before anyone can buy a gun.

Taylor Faires: “Let’s start by enforcing the laws we already have in place, including prosecuting law enforcement who don’t do their duty or providing the resources and training they need to do their job.”

Marilyn Washabaugh: “The kids are being taught to be scared of guns and that they are bad instead of [being taught] gun safety and respect. With that said, I don’t think any amount of training will stop a mass murderer. As far as background checks, we already have them, but they don’t do any good if the authorities don’t do their job so the person is put in the NICS system. How many red flags were ignored by law enforcement with many of these shootings?”

Donna Elridge: “Great column. Thanks. Just what a lot of us (on the side of regulation) have been saying.”