Reader Reactions | Faculty Senate discuses parking increases, advising concerns

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Readers react to a Faculty Senate meeting where faculty members called a 2.8 percent parking fee increase “outrageous.” Faculty are concerned of price hikes after only receiving a raise of under 2 percent.

Daniel Stuart Hoffman: “We should be talking about reductions or elimination, not increases. The whole, it just pays for maintaining parking is a gimmick. Parking is part of infrastructure, and therefore those costs should fall under the general cost of operation of WSU. It should not cost faculty, students or staff a cent to park here, nobody should have to pay to access the education they have already paid for, or the job that is supposed to pay them an agreed upon wage.”

Veronica M-Liaina: “There are some faculty and staff that pay for two or more parking passes. More increases in parking is ridiculous. Also the constant changing of parking areas from blue to red or yellow to green, it forces some [faculty and staff] to get an orange so that they have the flexibility to park anywhere on campus (which is over $600 a year now for an orange). It’s just getting worse and worse.”

Natalie Startin: “If they are increasing the price of parking can we do something about the transit buses? It takes me 35 – 40 minutes to get to school in Pullman … More routes for people that don’t live on campus would be great.”