Election Board cancels ASWSU special elections

After candidate withdraws, chair says races no longer needed for CAHNRS, Vetmed seats

ANGELICA RELENTE, Evergreen reporter

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ASWSU will no longer hold a special election for College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences students.

Bradley Warren, ASWSU Election Board chair, said Alec Solemslie, a junior School of Environment student who was running for CAHNRS senator, chose to withdraw from the special election that was set to occur late this month.

Since Solemslie withdrew, the election is now uncontested, Warren said, meaning a new election is unnecessary.

CAHNRS students were unable to vote in the general election for their senator because of election errors, which have occurred in similar forms in past ASWSU elections, Warren said.

He added that Solemslie has proposed that ASWSU make a list of who is able to vote and the college they fall under, and identify those students as constituents of the senators. After the list is made, they will request rosters from the Registrar’s Office, Warren said.

Warren said there will no special elections for the College of Veterinary Medicine either, because the Election Board has already used its general and special election budget. The race is uncontested as well, Warren said, so the results would not change.

“We feel this is one of the better choices with our student dollars,” he said.

CAHNRS Senator Lindsay Schilperoort said it would have cost $1,000 to conduct the special election for College of Veterinary Medicine students. It would have cost $1,600 to conduct the CAHNRS election.

Schilperoort said the issues of this election will be resolved before the next one.

“It is now the Election Board’s responsibility to make sure the ballot is correct in future years so this does not happen again,” she said.

Warren said he is confident in the proposed solution, but he thinks improving the Election Board’s structure so it can solve issues between elections and make transitions between years smoother is more important.