Reader Reactions | Wanderlust, studying abroad should not just be for wealthy

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Readers react to a column calling for more accessibility when it comes to traveling, either independently or through study abroad programs. While many college students are passionate about traveling, they are either drowning in debt or trying to afford rent and groceries. Scholarships are offered for studying abroad, but they do not always cover the fees associated with it.

Susan Omberg Carro: “Believe it or not, the rest of the world will still be there for a few years after you graduate.”

Collin Shull: “As a guy who has spent part of his adult life not in college, I can guarantee it is a lot easier to save up for travel when you aren’t in college. If wanderlust is your main priority, drop out and travel. Return to college when college is your main priority. Seriously, with Washington’s minimum wage you can save up enough to live in South America for a month in very little time.”

Brad Pearce: “Airfares go up during busy times such as spring break because airline seats are a scarce resource and there are finite planes. Raising prices during the busiest times is the best way to allocate the resource to the people who need it the most. Should they really sell out all the flights at low rates to college students so [that] someone is not able to travel to visit a dying parent because there aren’t plane seats?”

Adam Doan: “It is not entirely impossible to travel with a small, limited budget. Washington itself has several different vacation spots, and we have 50 states in America. Each has different scenery and sometimes culture as well. You don’t need to travel abroad to really enjoy life.”

Brandon Waugh: “It is impossible when you don’t have a car and your bank account is zero. We’re college students, we’re poor af.”

Brian M. Campbell: “My roommate made $400 a month donating plasma and saved the money for surfing during the summer months … something to consider.”