Reader reactions | Treat freshman like students, not customers

Readers react to a column calling for better conditions in dorms and an end to the monopoly of housing for first year students. The columnist argues that the costs for dorms are extremely high, especially compared to the typically nicer housing off campus, and takes advantage of incoming students.

Charlie Plamondon: “Living on campus has huge benefits for students and there are many studies that suggest living in dorms actually benefits many first-year students by keeping them engaged in school, trying to limit the distractions, etc. … The resident halls allow students that are moving away from home to slowly adjust to life without mom and dad and also don’t take advantage of young students like many private companies/landlords would … I never had a serious issue in the halls when I lived in them, and most people I know didn’t either.

Spencer Wilhelm: “I will never forget that morning in the winter of 2008 in Goldsworthy when I woke up with my pillow frozen to the window and my heater quit working. It was bad back then — can’t imagine what it’s like 10 years later. Those dorms were nasty.”

MJ Vega: “This is why I tell everyone thinking of going to university to do time in community college before transferring so you won’t waste more money than you needed to.”

Samantha Tippery: “Love this article. Keep driving this point to the administration. In my four years at WSU, the bulk of my student loan was to pay for my housing in the residence hall. In four years, the majority of the loan was attributed to just this one year on campus.”