Student group to showcase intimate cabaret styles

BRE SEARING, Evergreen reporter

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WSU’s Aerial Dance Society is hosting a Cabaret Night, during which performers will don sparkling outfits and high-heeled stilettos and perform a burlesque-style show featuring different pole and chair dances.

Eight dancers will star in 12 performances to showcase their athletic ability and passion for aerial dance.

Alexa Scott, ADS president and founder, said audience members can expect styles of dance including entertainment, drama, lyrical and traditional exotic pole.

Scott said her personal favorite category is erotic, because it’s a powerful form of dance that allows people to express their sensuality with confidence.

Attendees can look forward to exotic pieces, often referred to as club dancing, featuring both single and double acts that exercises a fun and playful level of intimacy.

Entertainment-style dances are theatrical routines that involve the interpretation of comedy.

Drama and lyrical routines exercise soft and fluid movement as dancers emotionally interpret meaningful lyrics.

The event will take place from 6-8 p.m. Saturday in the Chinook Student Center, Room 150. Tickets can be purchased for $5, or $8 for two, from the Aerial Dance Society on the Terrell Mall. Tickets at the door will be $8 or, $14 for two.