Letter to the Editor | Column about housing and dining not accurate

Robert Tattershall, Pullman

Note: The allegations Tattershall presents in the following letter are being investigated.

In response to the inaccurate opinion article in the April 11, 2018 edition of the Evergreen titled “Don’t allow athletics to siphon money from housing, dining,” I’d like to set the record straight. Housing and dining spends all of the money we collect from room and board on services, projects and programs that directly benefit our residents. To state that housing and dining money is spent on athletics is simply incorrect. Housing and dining reserves are university reserves, but they are still housing reserves, awaiting the time when we can use them on housing and dining projects. One of those projects is Wilmer-Davis, and that project is on hold as we continue to improve cash reserves once WSU is allowing projects to move forward, all of which has been extensively reported in the Evergreen.