All moved in, Grove tenants find more problems

Excess mortar from recent construction at The Grove apartments has dried onto railing, Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014.

Excess mortar from recent construction at The Grove apartments has dried onto railing, Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014.

After already facing a late move-in date due to construction delays, residents of The Grove are now facing maintenance issues with their new units.

Personnel were still working to finish the building on the scheduled move-in day, said Genevieve Yates, junior political science and criminal justice major, recounting that she saw them still working on the breezeways Saturday morning.

Kristen Chandler, sophomore hospitality business management major, said the time residents were allowed to move in was also changed several times, making the process even more difficult for everyone.

Once residents arrived, many were shocked to see that their units were damaged or incomplete.

In Yate’s unit, issues range from large to small – from her roommate’s shower not working, to the nails in the trim not being covered with paint.

Carpet seams being entirely exposed, large gashes, chips, and inconsistencies in the walls, uneven and cracked trim, and a slanted counter top are other problems Yates found within her brand-new apartment.

Chandler experienced similar problems, including uneven carpet and a hole in her ceiling near her vent.

One WSU student and Grove resident declined to comment regarding her current situation due to The Grove’s corporate involvement, she said, but took to Facebook to share what she found when she moved in.

Her post on Facebook stated that the majority of her kitchen is missing and incomplete, the bathrooms that were supposed to be brand new had been used, and nothing in the apartment had been cleaned from the construction. She also said in her post that when she brought the issue up to the management, she was instructed to move in anyway. As of press time the post was still visible on the WSU Parents Facebook page. 

The Grove did not return requests for comment.

Zach Leyda, junior business finance major and a friend of Chandler, said he lived in The Grove last year, and faced maintenance and communication problems with his unit as well.

“We lived in building A last year, so we were the first building built, and we had problems with the management from day one,” Leyda said. “I just felt like I wasn’t listened to.”

Chandler and Yates have several work orders pending for the damages in their units.

“What are their standards? Is this considered okay?” Yates said.

A resident of The Grove and WSU junior who did not wish to be fully identified, Ashley, said she spent four days in a hotel before being able to move in.

Although the local management has been quick in accepting work orders, and responded to her mother’s calls regarding the late move-in and the issues with the unit, the corporate offices of The Grove have been nearly impossible to reach, Ashley said.

“It’s been a lot of asking, not just notifying,” Ashley said.

Trying to get through to the management regarding the problems in the units is frustrating to residents, Leyda said.

“You represent the company, and you need to be professional and take responsibility,” Leyda said.

ASWSU President Jared Powell said ASWSU wants to focus on the importance of protecting students in situations where landlords or companies treat students unfairly.

“We’re very cognizant that students can sometimes get taken advantage of,” Powell said. “It’s something we need to address.”

Students seeking legal advice or support can contact Student Legal Services at or 509-335-9539.