Spin the color wheel straight into fall fashion

BY SARAH CARDENAS | Evergreen columnist

The pillows of autumn leaves, the smell of apple pie, and the soft caress of a chilly breeze at night inspired me to think of some key pieces to help transition our wardrobes to the upcoming fall.

One of the must-haves of this season is definitely an over-sized knit sweater. Its dimensions make for a big and bold statement, while evoking the sensation of a soft hug embracing the upper body. You can find these sweaters in a myriad of prints such as tribal or even Southwestern and as fancy as sparkling sequins with varying popcorn or ribbed textures. Balance the top and bottom with a pair of skinny jeans or tights to create an outfit that is both comfortable for everyday life and functional to keep you warm.

Other important garments to include in your wardrobe are tights or knee-high socks to wear under skirts you wore during the summer. If neutral colors are not your thing, feel free to spice it up with a pair that includes either a print or design.

Having a bad hair day, running late or simply too lazy to comb your hair? No problem. No one will notice under a well-fitted hat that is angled in a flattering way.

As one of the favorite items of gangsters during Prohibition, the felt fedora would be a good choice to make a bold impact, as well as the floppy brimmed wool felt hat that goes with any Bohemian-at-heart personality.

As for shoes, the cutest trend for fall will be the oxfords. Although it’s not clear who invented these shoes, they were originally known as “Oxonian shoes” in 1825, according to an article in Gentleman’s Gazette. However, the students of Oxford University had been wearing them so much, that by 1846, they became known as “oxfords” instead, according to the article.

Even if these aren’t to your liking, take note that before oxfords existed, high-heeled boots were part of the sartorial preference French men used to emulate King Louis XIV, according to the Gentleman’s Gazette article.  

As to what colors will be in style for the rest of 2014, Pantone, a color provider for the fashion industry reported that unexpected colors will be used this fall, rather than the usual orange shades.

For example, bright cobalt includes a slight shade of green as well as a strong royal blue. The spring tint mauve mist, a shade of purple that whispers gently to the eyes as if telling you a secret, will also make an appearance this fall.  

Pantone’s color of the year is radiant orchid, which is lighter than purple but powerful enough to evoke an air of mystery. Add to your wardrobe’s color palate this fall to include a spark of interest.