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Opinion inviting readers to share thoughts

HANAH GOETZ, Evergreen opinion editor

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Dearest readers, it is that time.

While many return home, The Daily Evergreen remains to bring information to those who stay behind. We might be less frequent this semester, but we have not lost our important role as a student run newspaper that watches over the university.earest readers, it is that time.

This semester’s opinion section, like all other sections, has once again gone through a passing of the torch, and I am honored to have received the position as editor.

My goal this summer is to explore the gray areas. It is essential to initiate conversations for important topics instead of bickering with each other. There is no such thing as fully supporting black-and-white issues when a solution can lie within by looking at the ideas from a different angle, whether fully upside-down or merely a slight tilt.

But I also want to have some fun this summer. I have a passion for wit and satire. I want to give and gather ideas about making our summer the best it can be, especially since we’re the ones staying behind in Pullman and we can enjoy ourselves just as much as those who went home.

That being said, all views are welcome here and head-to-head pieces are something I encourage for the development of opening a dialogue. I also want readers to feel comfortable addressing ideas our staff hasn’t thought about. To help with this, I will be starting a Summer Opinion Facebook page to give you an opportunity to communicate your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Interact with us – we will listen.

Remember this is your paper as much as it is ours. Never be afraid to make your voices heard and speak if you feel you need to. Let us help amplify your voices. Open the dialogue, so we can learn from each other and strengthen our connection to the community.

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HANAH GOETZ, Evergreen columnist/opinion editor

Hanah Goetz is a senior creative writing major from Kenosha, WI. She can be contacted at 335-2290 or by [email protected]

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Opinion inviting readers to share thoughts